10 Cunning DIY Tricks to Tidy Up Your Kitchen

Bag closer

Messy counters? Crammed cupboards? Stretched storage? It’s not exactly a job for our emergency plumbers in Cambridge, but if you’re facing a “kitchen catastrophe” we do have some easy peasy DIY ideas which could help get you shipshape. Free or frugal, these 10 top tips will help get your kitchen tidier and more efficient in no time for next to nothing.

1. Safe Knife Block

1. Knife Block Source

Forget about a fancy knife block, a jar full of bamboo sticks will keep your blades safe and sound when not in use.

2. 5 Minute DIY Dust Pan

2. Dust pan Source

This clever hack will take your kitchen from trashed to tidy in no time – for free! Get your milk jugs at the ready and get snipping.

3. Free Bag Closers

3. Bad Close Source

So simple yet smart that you wish you’d thought of it yourself. Use chopped off bottle tops and lids to secure your stuff!

4. Brown Paper Shopping List

4. Brown paper shopping list Source

Perhaps not totally practical (a black or whiteboard might be better – or why not try chalk paint?) but we really like this brown paper roll shopping list.

5. Bulldog Clip Towel Hangers

5. Bulldog towels Source

The perfect solution to that infuriating  “tea towels on the floor” problem. Never drop another or leave them lying around the kitchen with this clever little fix.

6.Tension Rod Spice Shelf

6. Tension Rod (1) Source


You can stick a tension rod up in seconds, ideal for giving yourself extra storage space without ransacking your kitchen. This hack will help you find your tumeric faster too.

7. Towel Rail Utensil Hanger

7. Rod hang Source


Tired of digging through drawers for the right utensil? Keep your culinary armoury close to hand and easily accessible with this neat hand towel rail solution. Here’s how to make your own.

8. Wineglass Holder Rake

8. Wineglass rake Source


For those of you who priorities pinot grigio over gardening, this is a fabulous way to store wine glasses attractively, freeing up extra space in your already crammed cupboards. Cheers!

9. Desk organizer chopping board holder

9. Desk organiser Source


Chopping boards and baking sheets have a horrible habit of sliding around the place  (very noisily) and creating clutter. Here’s how to keep them nice and neat without having     to dig through a pile of other stuff to reach them. Easy peasy.

10. Tea Caddy Fridge Magnets

10. Tea (1) Source

Perfect for holding pens, pencils, bits and bobs, these pretty tea caddies are incredibly easy  to turn into fridge magnets. All you’ll need is a suitable tin, some superglue and a magnet or two. Let Martha Stewart show you how it’s done.

Do you have any smart kitchen fixes for our readers to try? Share them below and let us know!

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