10 Unusual Updates to Spruce Up Your Bathroom

Wall shelving

Keen to give your bathroom a bit of a makeover? Here are 10 quirky décor updates that will take your bathroom from “ho hum” to “well, hello!”. Fancy a more radical upgrade? The Drain Doctor team do more than fix blocked drains in Norwich, you know. Give us a call to find our more about how we can help with your fancy new revamp at very reasonable rates.

1. Shower Door Decals

1. Decals

Use easy-to-apply shower door decals for a fun, fast twist on your existing bathroom look. Cheap to buy and easy to remove, they’re the perfect little addition to brighten up your bathroom.

2.Circular Shower Curtain Rails

2. Circular Source

Where fixtures allow, why not install a circular shower curtain rail for a classy look and a vintage feel?

3. Invest in a Statement Mirror

3. Mirror Source

O.K., so your statement mirror doesn’t have to be quite this big or elaborate – but you’ll be surprised by how much impact a chic new mirror can make in your bathroom. Reflective surfaces attract the eye and help to make rooms feel bigger. Choose a quirky design to your taste and enjoy a brighter, bolder bathroom!

4. Go Back to Black

4. Black Source

Black walls and white fixtures are a match made in style heaven. For an immediate, elegant update, repaint your bathroom in black.

5. Paint the Bath

5. Bath paint

IMAGE: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-ujXmjWQOK-0/TgxiwHMsEbI/AAAAAAAAEGY/e6D5IMRjc6A/s640/painted_bathtub.jpg
Who says baths have to be bland and white? Here’s how to give yours a lick of paint and totally change the look and feel of your bathroom!

6. Try Chalkboard Paint

6. Chalk Source

Why stare at the same old wall every day when you’re brushing your teeth? Embrace the black bathroom trend and enjoy unique chalkboard scribblings every day with this popular paint.

7.Splash out on a Chandelier

7. Chandelier Source

An instant way to take your bathroom from functional to fabulous. An elaborate chandelier looks absolutely stunning in the right bathroom – don’t worry about going “over the top”, just indulge!

8. Get Arty

8. Papel Source

You may be worried about the effects of steam and smearing, but art looks marvellous in bathrooms and gives you something lovely to look at while you soak in the tub. Choose cheaper pieces and change them regularly to make sure nothing gets soggy or starts looking sad.

9. Put on a Show

9. Display

It can be tempting to tuck away all of the unnecessary extras in the bathroom. If you have the shelving space, embrace your knick knacks and turn them into an unusual, beautiful display!

10. Let There be Light!

10. Light Source

Swap your boring old flush lights for movable anglepoise lamps. They don’t just look chic, they’re also great for making sure you don’t miss that little bit of beard under your chin!

Do you have any quick and easy bathroom update ideas for our readers to try? Are you giving any of our updates a go? Share your ideas and projects with us below.

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