3 Reasons Why a Plumber Should Always Unblock Your Toilet

Why you should trust a plumber for any emergency plumbing

We all like to think of ourselves as somewhat of a D.I.Y master, one who is totally at one with their home and can fix ANYTHING, absolutely ANYTHING. Unfortunately, for a lot of us, this really isn’t true, particularly when it comes to emergency plumbing, especially that pesky task of unblocking your toilet. Whilst many of us jump headfirst into unblocking our toilet, we really don’t understand the harm we might be doing? Here’s why you should call a plumber.

Plungers Might Break

Having a trigger happy plunger arm is admirable, but not the best of ideas. Whilst trying to clear that rather nasty blockage, it is certainly not unheard of for plunger heads to break and become lost in the blockage itself, then you really are in trouble and will need a plumber anyway to remove the plunger head. Save yourself the embarrassment and the added cost and call your plumber first.

Home Remedies Can Be Dangerous

You will no doubt have read that a mixture of baking soda and vinegar will always do the trick. Unfortunately this is not the case, and can often fail to have the desired effect. Even worse, this cocktail of goodies can be a considerable irritant should it splash back onto eyes and skin. Don’t mix your own clearing recipe, plumbers will be equipped with the perfect equipment for clearing blockages and will remove any danger.

Coat Hangers Get Lost

When trying to replicate the Plumber’s Snake Trick, people will often uncoil a coat hanger and use it to unclog the blockage from the toilet. What may seem like genius at the time can often become a night. It isn’t unheard of for Coat Hangers to be lost in the toilet or even the soil stack, which presents a whole new problem, and more expense. Once again, plumbers will have the correct equipment to see your blockage safely removed.

The message really is simple. It is far better to call in a professional who knows what they’re doing, instead of risking your safety or health.

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