4 Common Plumbing Mistakes

To some, the world of plumbing is a minefield, and we mean a real minefield. No matter how hard they try, they just cannot seem to get it right. Almost expectedly, a trend of common plumbing mistakes has become all too familiar. What are the same old plumbing mistakes that people are making?

1. Outside Hose in Winter


So many people make this mistake and have to pay out a large sum to see it repaired. Failing to detach an outside hose in winter can lead to water lines bursting due to freezing. It is a simple change to make, but one that can all too often cause great concern.


2. Mismatched Pipes


When people replace leaky pipes with one that is the wrong size, then it is not just an issue with how the pipes look. Your mismatched connection will literally not be able to hold water and the inevitable will happen, causing what can be a hefty bill.


3. Water Flowing Through Repairs


This one makes our skin crawl every time. When plumbing work is being done, rule 1 should immediately be shut off the water. Simply put, plumbing work, however small, will cause a flood should the water be left running.


4. Poorly Lagged Pipes


Perhaps the easiest mistake to miss here is that poorly lagged pipes can cause real problems.

People often forget that lofts are not heated the same way as houses in the winter, leading to them being much colder than the rest of the house. Pipework that is exposed can result in water freezing within the pipes during a cold spell and lead to flooding when they thaw out.

Each and every one of these issues is surprisingly common and can far too easily occur as a result of carelessness, but with simple changes and attention to detail can and should all be avoided.

If you know any other common plumbing mistakes or have caused some of these problems please get in touch.

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