5 Apps To Boost Your Household Budget

Redeemia app

Feeling the pinch? Whether you’ve had to fix blocked drains or take Fido to the vet in Farnborough, surprise expenses can really put the strain on your household finances. Fortunately, technology can now help you make your money go further. If you’d like to take a few positive steps towards boosting your budget, the Drain Doctor team have compiled their eight favourite penny pinching apps that will get you back on track and in the black…

1. mySuperList

1. MyS Source

Price: Free

Billing itself as “the only supermarket app you’ll ever need” mySuperList is pretty impressive when you want to save money on your groceries. Simply create your shopping list and discover which supermarkets are selling your items at the cheapest price. You can even use it to get the best deal when you’re shopping online. With an additional cashback feature, this is a handy app which will save you plenty of pennies over the long term. Download from the iTunes store.

2. RedLaser

Price: Free

Scan the barcode of pretty much anything you fancy and you’ll find out immediately where to buy it cheapest. This is a great little app to use in the supermarket when you feel like you’re not getting the best deal. Download it today.

3. Redeemia

3. Reedemia

Price: Free

Get all of the latest and greatest deals from voucher sites and their ilk, served up on your smartphone with no need to go trawling for the best bargains on the web. Use it for your local area in real time or browse your specific area of interest to find the ultimate deal. Check out the Redeemia website.

4. Spendometer

4. Spend Source

Price: Free

This handy piece of software will help you keep track of the pounds and pence. Simply set your budget and how much you can spend on what, then log your expenditure as you go. Spendometer will generate weekly and monthly reports so you can see how well you’re doing and will even send you an alert when you’re getting close to breaking your budget. Download from Google Play.

5. Meter Readings

5. Meter Source

Price: £1.49

Although this is the only paid for app on our list, this one off cost will definitely pay off in the long run! The app will help you to keep a very close eye on your electric, gas and water, logging your use and giving you a clear overview of how much your using – and how much you’re spending on it. Visit the Meter Readings website to learn more.

Do you have any favorite apps which help you to keep a handle on your household finances? Share your picks with our readers below. 

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