5 Essential Tools Every Home Should Have


Whether you’re suffering from blocked drains in Norwich or want to put up shelves in Winchester, it pays to be prepared! With DIY skills going the way of the dodo across the UK, there’s no excuse for not getting stuck in and learning some valuable new stuff.

If you’re keen to get cracking with a spot of at home DIY, there’s no better place to start than with a basic toolkit. It doesn’t have to cost the earth either, you can pick up this stuff pretty cheaply online or for a little bit more at your local hardware store where you should also find plenty of helpful advice. So, spanners at the ready! Here’s what you’re going to need…

1.   A cordless drill

1. Drill Source

This is possibly the most expensive and intimidating tool on our list – it’s the only one that’s electric, after all. A cordless option is battery powered which means that you can carry it anywhere you need it, whether you’re putting up trellises in the garden or hanging pictures in the attic room. Indispensible for putting up shelving and generally making the place look lovely, this is a key bit of kit. A cheap and cheerful version shouldn’t set you back more than about £35.

2. Combination pliers

2. Combination Pliers Source
There are a zillion different types of pliers out there, but if you want to get the most for your money, combination pliers are your guys. They’re suitable for most tasks, from pulling nails out of walls to cutting wires. One word of warning – don’t use these bad boys on nuts and bolts as they can cause some damage which could ruin crucial bits and bobs. You’re looking at around £10 for a halfway decent pair.

3.  A claw hammer


From pulling out nails to hammering them home, the claw hammer is the best choice if you’re looking for a good all-rounder. Lift floorboards, pop up a picture hook – you could spend a fortune on a fancy claw hammer, but these tools can be found for just a few pounds. Choose a rubber handle if you’re going to be using your claw hammer a lot.

4. An adjustable wrench

4. Wrench Source

Raising bike seats, unscrewing and screwing nuts and bolts, choosing an adjustable wrench will give you the power to do all of these tasks and more without needing a selection of different-sized pliers. £8 is plenty for a decent wrench to get your toolkit started.

5. A screwdriver selection

5. Screwdrivers Source

A screwdriver with  good selection of removable “bit” options (these are the different screwdriver fixtures you can choose to fit in the end of your screwdriver) is essential in any toolkit. You can also find screwdriver selections which come as a collection of “whole” screwdrivers with different ends. A cheap set will cost no more than £15.

6. A plunger

6. Plunger Source

Of all the DIY issues which could crop up at home, blocked sinks and toilets are among the most common. Your DIY toolkit would be nothing without a plunger. You may even want to pick up two – a sink plunger and a toilet plunger – just to cover your bases. £3-£5 should be plenty for a cheapo. Here’s how they work…

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