5 Go-To Websites in a DIY Crisis


The internet really is a marvellous place sometimes. Whether you’re keen on cute pictures of cats or have a DIY emergency, there’s always someone out there with the adorable pictures and handy information you need.

That said, there’s also a lot of nonsense out there, which means that finding the right advice to get you fixed up and shipshape can be a tad hit and miss. Fortunately, the Drain Doctor team have done the hard work for you! Whether you’ve got blocked drains in Basildon or squeaky floorboards in Stoke, these helpful websites will help you fix your problem for free.

1           Ask the Builder

Tim the Builder has all of the answers – and if he doesn’t – you can ask him for new ones. His website is full of tool reviewsand clever tips – but it’s also home to a host of Q&As where Tim answers questions on pretty much everything from dehumidifying basements to fixing that squeaky floorboard. Indispensible, easy to navigate and all round really handy when you’re in a DIY tight spot. Cheers Tim!



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All the DIY nous you need to become a do it yourself genius – alongside helpful tips for those little problems that crop up at home. From fixing cracked tiles to sorting out a leaky loo, you’ll find everything you need here.


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Crowdsource your repair job on the Ultimate Handyman forum. This is where the pros share tips and provide fixes. You might need to do a bit of hunting to find the information you need, but this is a really good source for when you need expert guidance.


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Instructables isn’t just for people with DIY problems, it’s for people who want to learn how to make, well, pretty much everything. Some of the information on Instructables is a little wishy washy, but it’s all clearly presented and, if you choose your instructable wisely, you can make just about anything!



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Install a pop up drain in a bathroom sink, replace a showerhead, fix a leaky faucet – Doityourself.com is pretty indispensible when you find yourself in the midst of a DIY disaster. It’s not all plumbing either, you’ll find DIY know-how on pretty much every topic you can dream of here.

Do you have a go-to website you like to use when you have a DIY conundrum? Share your favourites with our readers below.

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