5 Water Saving Steps Everyone Can Take

Water saving tips

We all know how important it is not to waste water, but in 21st-century Britain, very few of us put this knowledge into practice. For those of you who are keen to save money on your water bill, save the planet, or both, learning how to conserve water is well worth doing.

In this blog, we’ve come up with 5 smart ways to start saving water, which virtually anyone can try. From big changes to small new habits, taking on just one or two of these tips could seriously change your level of water consumption as a household or business.

1. Harvest Rainwater

From laundry and flushing toilets, to garden hoses, not all of the water we use needs to be perfectly clean and fit for human consumption. In fact, these uses can all be serviced by rainwater, if we have the correct systems in place.

Installing water butts (the advanced kind, not the type you’d find on an allotment) is a great way to use less water from the mains, saving you money and reducing wastage. Rainwater harvesting systems today are advanced; designed to blend into all types of property, with self-cleaning and purifying technology – this is a smart step if you’re serious about saving water.

2. Use a Cistern Displacement Device

If you don’t have the budget for more advanced water-saving devices, there are lots of cheap (or free) ways to reduce your usage. Placing a cistern displacement disk into your toilet cistern will mean that you use substantially less water per flush. If you don’t want to buy a specially made device, even a brick in a sealed watertight bag can do the trick, your water provider may even offer devices for free.

3. Install a Water Meter

It might not help you save water directly, but seeing your usage laid out clearly each month is a really good way to encourage yourself to think differently about your water usage – especially when that breakdown comes with a bill. Challenge yourself – how much could you save?

4. Keep a Jug of Water in the Fridge

How long do you spend waiting for the water to run cold to pour yourself a drink? Store a jug in the fridge so that all of that “cooling down” water doesn’t go to waste. Premium filter jugs can dramatically improve the quality of your drinking water by reducing limescale, softening the water and filtering out chlorine and other nasty stuff.

5. Switch Your Showerhead

Aerated showerheads save water without reducing the pressure of your shower by mixing your water with air. Low-flow options are equally effective at reducing the water used as you shower, without compromising your water pressure.

Would you like to learn more about the water saving measures you could take? Ask our team about installing rainwater harvesting systems at your property or premises today. Give us a call on 0800 056 0088 or get in touch via our contact form.

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