How Anglia Drain Doctor Can Help Your Septic Tank Maintenance

Septic tanks might not be everyone’s favourite topic of conversation, but when you’re experiencing regular problems with your tank, it’s something that plays on your mind a lot more than you’d like.

For a septic tank to remain in good working order, a process called anaerobic decompression (a bacterial action which breaks down the solids) needs to take place. The solid can then be removed periodically while the semi-purified water will pass into a soak-away or ‘leach field’ for safe disposal.

However, like life, septic tanks do not always run smoothly. There are a number of sure signs that all is not well with your septic tank that the team here at Anglia Drain Doctor can help you with.

5 signs of septic tank problems

1) Slow moving drains

Slow flushing toilets or showers and sinks that drain slowly could be a sign of a clog somewhere in your system. Of course, it could just be that the system is full, but if it’s been emptied recently then it’s time to take action.

2) Pipe gurgling sounds

If your pipes have a good gurgle when you flush the toilet or run the water then it could be an indication that the septic tank is full, needs pumping or has other issues that need resolving.

3) Water backup

If water is backing up when you use the washing machine, or even worse, if sewage is backing up into the house, you need help immediately. You can call Anglia Drain Doctor on 0800 056 0088 to get emergency assistance, pronto.

4) It smells

In many cases, your sense of smell is all you need to diagnose septic tank problems. If there’s a strong smell of sulphur (rotten eggs) emanating from your septic tank then raw sewage may have escaped.

5) Greener grass

They say the grass is always greener on the other side, but if your septic drain field is growing greener and more quickly than the rest of your lawn, it’s likely your septic tank is leaching liquids and needs to be emptied or checked for leaks.

What causes septic tank problems?

Septic tank issues can be caused a number of different ways. Items that should not be entering the tank via the toilet or the kitchen sink can be problematic. As a simple rule, the only item that should be flushed down the toilet, apart from the obvious, is septic safe toilet paper and nothing should enter the tank via the kitchen sink other than grey water.

There can also be problems caused by issues with the leach field (where the treated water drains). Heavy equipment and cars should not be placed or parked over the leach field as the excess weight can cause problems with the function of the septic tank. If grease is poured down the sink or into toilets, it can also harden and cut off the oxygen in the system and damage the leach field.

What’s the fix?

Anglia Drain Doctor provides a number of services to keep septic tanks in perfect working order over the long-term. That includes:

  • Septic tank cleaning and emptying – High-pressure jets are used to clean pipework, tanks and soakaways to remove clogging and keep your septic tank shipshape
  • Septic tank maintenance – Anglia Drain Doctor is an expert in every type of septic tank repair and will return existing tanks to perfect working condition.
  • Septic tank and soakaway installation – We also design and install new septic tank systems and carry out percolation tests for the leach field.

Another happy customer

Don’t believe us? Just take a look at this recent testimonial we received from the lovely Mr Lambirth:

“For years I paid to have the tanks emptied, at worst every two weeks. In May 2017, your men cleared the drain holes in the big tank and since then I have not had to have the tanks emptied. I get a child-like satisfaction watching my shower water empty swiftly away, as before, the first indication of the need to have the tanks emptied was the slowness of the shower emptying. I would recommend your service to anyone who needs this type of work done.”

Having problems with your septic tank?

Just get in touch with our team on 01473 626 444 or email for scheduled or emergency assistance.

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