Blocked Drains

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Drain Clearance technology has advanced over the years.

First there was the plunger. A plunger traps a pillow of air, and forces it down a pipe when pushed. When pulled, air is sucked from the pipe creating a vacuum. This abrupt movement can dislodge a blocked drain.

However, when the blockage is further down the pipe, the plunger became less effective. So came drain rods – a plunger with a longer handle.

These methods are unruly and unpredictable; their success is based more on luck than skill. We would rather use something a little more sophisticated when it comes to drain clearance.

That is why here at Drain Doctor we have the latest drain clearance technology and our highly skilled engineers to oversee the use of it, to ensure the best for your drains.

Once your drains have been cleared, we usually inspect them with a CCTV survey camera to give you peace of mind and to identify if there are any further faults in the drain which might cause problems in the future.

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