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Drain Doctor are specialists in unblocking blocked drains, drain repair, clearing drains of encrustations, obstructions, tree roots and other forms of clogging and debris.

Drain clearing technology has advanced over the years. It started with the plunger, which forced air into the pipe to knock out a blockage. If this didn’t work, then it was the drain rod, but this often caused more damage than the initial problem did.

Drain Doctor uses the latest drain clearance technology. With our highly skilled engineers to oversee the use of it, we can ensure the best, most efficient and most cost effective treatment for your drains.

The advanced technique of Rotary Mechanical Drain Cleaning is used to de-scale corroded cast iron drains and stack pipes, clearing your blocked drains. It is also very effective in removing tree roots and other obstructions. A continuous spring with a cutting attachment is fed through the drain to cut or displace deposits and restore the drain or pipes to their full diameter, so the water can drain freely.

We also use high pressure water jetting for clearing more mobile obstructions.

Once your drain has been cleared, we will usually inspect the length of it with a CCTV camera to ensure it is clear and to identify if there are any further faults in the drain which might cause problems in the future. So if you need your blocked drains sorting out, Drain Doctor is on hand to help, give us a call today!

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