Drain Repairs

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The nature of drain repairs depends entirely on what is wrong. Often the symptoms, such as a flooding or a bad smell, may suggest several causes. One of our skilled Drain Doctor technicians will have to work out what is actually wrong.

Relatively simple matters, such as minor root ingression, small cracks or unstable joints, can be resolved by using drain lining. Other problems, such as major root ingress or pipes being shattered by surface works, tree roots or ground movements may require extensive excavation and replacement. Our Drain Doctor technicians are fully trained and experienced in all methods of drain repair including drain lining, also known as drain sleeving, and excavation and replacement.

Once the nature of the fault and the repair have been identified, Drain Doctor’s technicians will carry out the work as quickly as possible and will strive to cause the minimum disruption while they are working.

All drain repair costs will be quoted to you so that you are aware of the full cost of the works. Agreed in advance, there will be no nasty surprises when the invoice arrives. Should the repairs be covered by Buildings Insurance, Drain Doctor can assist you with your claim and provide technical expertise to ensure all relevant drain repairs are undertaken.

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