High pressure jetting

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High pressure jetting involves pumping a large amount of water along a long, flexible hose. It has forward and rearward directed high pressure water jets which hit encrustations, tree roots and loose hard debris within drains at over 3000psi. This cuts the deposits from the inner wall of the drain or pipe.

Using the appropriate high pressure water jetting machines and specialist drain jetting nozzles, Drain Doctor’s technicians can provide an effective and guaranteed drain cleaning service to prevent the need for emergency plumbing.

A hydro-scrub can also be carried out. This restores old drain lines to a like-new condition by using water moving through tiny openings located in nozzles to remove grease, sludge and limescale. The combination of the high pressure and the volume of water provides cleaning unattainable by conventional methods, increasing the longevity of your drain’s walls and flooring.

Each engineer’s van is equipped with its own high pressure jetting unit to ensure a quick response to any blocked drain you may have. We also have larger “commercial” units for more difficult jobs which can pump water at 4000psi, which is more than enough for any blockage.

Drain Doctor’s method of high pressure water jetting is ideal to use in clearing drains, cleaning pipes and scouring sewers. All our technicians are fully trained and experienced and we aim to clear your blockage with the minimum disruption.

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