Anglia Drain Doctor Brings the Boat In

Sutton Hoo banner

You’d be forgiven for thinking our interest in all things aquatic starts and stops at drains, but not if our recent sponsorship activity is anything to go by…

We’re delighted to announce that we’re the proud sponsor of a 30-metre banner that will be used to illustrate the world-famous Sutton Hoo ship. The full-size image of this truly impressive craft will be displayed on the new buildings on the Woodbridge waterfront to give residents and visitors to the town an idea of what the biggest rowing boat ever to sail in this country (probably) would have looked like.

A Brief History of Sutton Hoo

Sutton Hoo, near Woodbridge in Suffolk, is the site of two 6th and early 7th century Anglo-Saxon cemeteries. In 1939, archaeologists excavated the largest of the burial mounds and found an undisturbed ship burial that included a wealth of artefacts of outstanding historical and archaeological significance. Most of these pieces can now be found in the British Museum in London.

Interestingly, the initial excavation was paid for by the landowner, a Mrs Edith Pretty, who asked the archaeologist, Basil Brown, to investigate the largest of the Anglo-Saxon burial mounds on her property. Beneath the mound, he found the imprint of a 27-metre-long ship. This became one of the most spectacular archaeological discoveries of all time.

At the centre of the ship was a ruined burial chamber packed with treasures that contained Byzantine silverware, sumptuous gold jewellery, a lavish feasting set, and most famously, an ornate iron helmet. This showed that whoever had been buried there was clearly a leading figure in the Anglo-Saxon kingdom and possibly even a king.

Construction of the Replica Sutton Hoo Ship

Part of the planned redevelopment of the waterfront in Woodbridge is a large shed that will provide covered space for a variety of community projects for years to come.

One of those projects is the construction of a replica Sutton Hoo ship. Until then, the people of Woodbridge and visitors to the town will be able to see the life-size banner to get an idea of what this world famous rowing boat would have looked like.

We were very pleased to pledge our support to this fascinating project and hope visitors to Woodbridge will look upon the banner with wonder until the replica ship is open to the public.

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