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What is a CCTV drain survey?

Drain Doctor CCTV drain surveys are the best technique for examining the inside of drains without having to dig them up.

It is done by putting a CCTV camera into your drainage system to either locate and identify a blockage, leak or another issue which cannot be seen from above ground, or simply to check the condition of the pipe. The image is viewed live by one of our Drain Doctor trained technicians. CCTV surveys of pipes, drains, and sewers have been proven to be the most cost effective way of detecting drain problems, identifying the source of the problem and making the drain repair.

A CCTV survey can identify problems with:

  • Tree roots
  • Cracked drains
  • Grease/fat build up
  • Ground movement


Drain Inspections When You Need Them

Our vans carry specialist CCTV equipment, enabling our technicians to see what is happening under the ground without having to dig up the pipe. A simple CCTV survey is usually carried out free of charge, when we clear any drain, pipe or sewer, just to ensure that the work has been completed properly and there are no other issues that may need to be addressed at another time. However, if faults are identified we will recommend that a CCTV survey is carried out.

We will then supply a detailed written drain condition report, using WinCan software that helps to collect information, identifies and grades the faults. The report will also include a copy of the camera recording of the drain, a location plan and our recommendations, together with an itemised quotation, should a drain repair be required.

To book in a CCTV Drain inspection, get in touch with Drain Doctor today.

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