Planned maintenance

Prevention, they say, is better than a cure. So when it comes to your drainage systems, it makes sense to have them professionally serviced and maintained. It is best to do this regularly, instead of using an emergency plumber when things go wrong.

At Drain Doctor we routinely build servicing and planned maintenance programmes for clients. Our objective is to keep your plumbing and drains working perfectly, so that you never need to use our emergency service.

Why have a planned maintenance plan?

  • it reduces high cost emergency plumbing and avoids unplanned expenditure
  • helps to avoid loss of business due to burst pipes, blockages and faulty toilets
  • avoids Health & Safety issues that may arise from loss of facilities
  • gives you the peace of mind that problems will be dealt with quickly, efficiently, courteously and professionally

What will it cost?

  • each plan is designed to suit your individual circumstances and requirements

How does a maintenance plan work?

  • following a free inspection, we design a maintenance programme to meet your specific needs
  • maintenance visits can be monthly, quarterly, twice yearly or yearly, as required
  • they can include servicing of taps and toilets, de-scaling of pipework and urinals, jetting drains and servicing grease traps
  • we can also clear septic tanks, foul and surface water drainage and other pipework
  • we can also clear gutters, downpipes and the drains leading to soakaways
  • your plan will be designed to meet any other requirements that you specify

So to escape nasty surprises and avoidable expenditure, it pays to invest in regular maintenance of your drainage. You do it for your car, so why not your drains?

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