Drainage Resolutions – How to Maintain a Healthy Drain in 2017

Drainage resolutions 2017

There are probably a few things that feature above ‘maintaining better drain health’ on your list of New Year’s resolutions, but if you’re serious about keeping your drains in tip top condition, there a number of simple, proactive steps you can take to prevent your summer holiday fund going down the drain this year.

Day-to-Day Drainage Habits

There are plenty of items many of us wash down the drain every day which wreak havoc with our pipes and damage the environment. That includes…

– Grease, fat and cooking oil (even gravy and other sauces)
– Food scraps (everything from egg shells to bits of fruit and veg)
– Cotton buds, scrub pads, facial wipes, paper towels etc.
– Nail polish and remover
– Medication
– Feminine hygiene products
– Cat litter
– Plastic/cardboard packaging and the stickers on items on fruit

Preventative Measures

There are a few simple steps you can take to prevent those objects that really shouldn’t be going down the drain from drifting away. Using a hair catcher in the shower is the cheap and simple way to prevent a build up, and a strainer will do a similar job for food scraps in the kitchen sink. But what if you want to give your drain a real New Year’s treat?

High Pressure Jet Washing

If your drains are in need of some long overdue TLC, a high pressure jet wash, fired at over 3000psi, will hit tree roots, encrustations and loose, hard debris to clear the inner walls and prevent the need for emergency plumbing.

We can also carry out a hydro-scrub to give old drain lines a new lease of life, removing the grease, sludge and limescale that builds up over time. The result is an increase in the life span of your drain’s walls and floors.

Drain Surveys

If you suspect there might be an issue with your drain, a CCTV drain survey will allow our expert technicians to diagnose the problem without having to dig anything up. This is the perfect way to locate and identify a blockage, or simply give you the confidence that your drainage system is in the very best nick.

We’ll also provide you with a detailed report of the condition of the drain that identifies and grades the faults, along with a copy of the camera recording, so you can gaze into the belly of the beast!

To give your drainage system a New Year’s treat, get in touch with the Drain Doctor and book your high pressure jet wash or CCTV drain survey today.

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