Eco-Friendly Ways to Care For Your Drains

When facing a stubborn blockage in your drains, it can be tempting to reach for a hardcore chemical cleaner that will get the job done quickly and easily. But nowadays, with protecting the environment and water resources becoming ever more important, is flooding our water systems with these harsh chemicals really the best option?

Unfortunately, although our water wastage does go through filtration, there’s no getting away from the fact that any toxic chemicals we place into it will eventually make their way into natural waterways, or even back into our own water supply. Not only are the sorts of chemicals found in drain cleaners deadly to many species in our waterways and oceans, they’re also highly toxic to have in your home – less than ideal if you live with young children or pets.

Last but not least, from a purely economic point of view, chemical drain cleaners are simply more expensive than other, more natural alternatives.

Luckily, consumer awareness is at an all-time high, and we know what a huge difference changing even the smallest of domestic habits can make. If you’re interested in finding more eco-friendly ways to care for your drains, here are some of our favourites:

  • A Good Old Cuppa – They say prevention is the best cure, and this is true for your drain too! Once a week, pour a kettle of boiling water down the plug to keep things running smoothly.
  • Fight Grease with Grease – We mean good old elbow grease, of course. Most blockages can be cleared with a plunger and a bit of hard work. Good for the environment and for your exercise regime!
  • Snake Oil – Most industrial drain cleaners are snake oil in comparison to using a nifty drain snake. Fast, effective and reusable, drain snakes are much better for the environment and much safer to have in the home. Don’t have a drain snake? An unfolded wire hanger is a handy alternative in an emergency.
  • Natural Acids – There’s no need to turn to nasty chemicals when nature provides us with acids that are just as effective on grease and blockages. Vinegar is one that works pretty well when combined with baking soda; simply pop a cup of baking soda down the plughole, add half a cup of vinegar, and let it sit for about 15 minutes before flushing it out with boiling water. Replace the vinegar with lemon juice if you want to neutralise any nasty odours.
  • Eco Cleaners – While you can clean your drains with things you have lying around the house, there are also specialist eco-friendly cleaners available for purchase. One of the most effective types are enzyme cleaners; solutions filled with bacteria or enzymes that feed on organic substances, breaking them down and clearing them from your drainage system. It might take a little longer than a traditional drain cleaner but it’s much better for your pipes and the environment.

Of course, blockages are sometimes too much for any drain cleaners to deal with, natural or otherwise. If you need professional help with your blocked drains, give us a ring on 0800 056 0088 or contact us via the website now.

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