The Effect of Storms on Drainage

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Is it just us or has this winter already brought more than its fair share of storms? Brian, Caroline, Dylan, Eleanor and Fionn have already battered our shores, bringing gale force winds and plenty of rain. All this extreme weather puts your plumbing and drainage systems under pressure and increases the risk of problems, which if not fixed immediately, can have damaging and long-term effects.

Common drainage problems caused by adverse weather

Below are a few of the common drainage problems residential and commercial properties experience as a result of storms…

1) Leaks

The pressure from the flow of large amounts of water can cause cracks and leaks both internally and externally along pipes. This can lead to damp and significant mould build up which can cause structural damage, particularly in older properties.

2) Waste resurgence

Waste resurgence is the result of a poor drainage system that does not allow waste and excess rainwater to flow effectively. This causes blockages that leave waste and water to fester in the pipes, leading to foul smells and a number of potential health risks.  

3) Flooding

Another problem that has become a real issue in many parts of the UK in recent years is flooding. Flooding occurs when there is standing water above the house foundation outside your home. This standing water can be the result of a river that has burst its banks or heavy rain and a drainage system that cannot cope.  

4) Drain preparation tips

Of course, you will want to do as much as you can to avoid the potential damage caused by storms, which, if left unchecked, can do serious damage that costs thousands of pounds to fix. To save you money and a huge amount of stress, there are a number of things you can do to prepare your drains for adverse weather.

  • Check downpipes, gutters and drains to ensure they are in good condition before the winter
  • Clear all the debris from the roof and drains to prevent blockages
  • Ensure your garden is free from waste which could be swept into the drain
  • Remove dirt and leaves from around drainage grates
  • Check drains are flowing freely. If they’re not, you need to contact a specialist who can get your drains in order before the storms arrive

Professional drainage assistance

If you’ve done everything you can to get your drains ready for winter but the water is still not flowing freely, here’s how we can help get your drains in the best possible shape…

Drain inspections

Autumn is the time when your drains are most likely to fill with falling leaves, branches and other debris. This can block your drains, which then causes problems during the inevitable winter deluge. A CCTV drain survey and inspection of your drains will ensure any leaks, blockages, ground movement and other issues are identified before the storms arrive.  

Blockage removal

Roots, the build-up of grease, waste and other debris can all block drains. A high-pressure water jetting service is an effective way to remove and clear obstructions to the drainage system. A rotary mechanical drain clearing service can also descale corroded cast iron drains and stack pipes to remove stubborn obstructions in drains.  

How can we help?

At Drain Doctor, we use the latest technology to provide the best drainage service available throughout East Anglia. Please contact Drain Doctor to arrange a visit from your local technician.  

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