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Fat, oil and grease enters your drainage system from washing pots, pans, plates and utensils. Left untreated it will build up and reduce the diameter of the pipe and will cause slow-draining sinks, foul smells and potential prosecution by Environmental Health. Inevitably, the pipe will become blocked.

Grease traps reduce the amount of grease that enters your drainage system and help to prevent the need for emergency plumbing. They are boxes which sit between the sinks in your kitchen and the drains outside, trapping the grease before it reaches the drain.

Drain Doctor works with Endura Grease Management to provide a high quality, cost effective solution to grease management. They are suitable for commercial drainage systems and comply with Part H of the Building Regulations.

Grease trap Installation

Current building regulations require all new and refurbished commercial kitchens and staff canteens to have working grease management systems in place. Drain Doctor will supply and install, a grease management system specific to your needs. Our systems have a high separation efficiency, are strong and durable, can be fitted inside or out, mounted on or in the floor. To avoid odours and spillage they are mechanically sealed with an air-tight cover.

Your grease traps need regular servicing to remove the build-up of grease, clear the drains and replenish the enzymes that break down the grease. Drain Doctor holds a Waste Carrier Licence for the disposal of commercial kitchen grease to environmental standards. We can provide a regular maintenance programme to suit your individual needs and are happy to offer a free site survey and quotation. Call us now for more details.

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