Gutters Blocked? Here’s Drain Doctor’s Diagnosis

With temperatures dropping and winter on the way to setting in, the time for home maintenance is now. And one of the key jobs that you need to be thinking about is clearing your guttering. But why? we hear you asking. A good question, but the truth is, blocked gutters can be very, very annoying if left untreated. 

The Damage a Blocked Gutter Can Cause

Blocked guttering can cause considerable damage to your home if left unchecked. The most obvious of problems that can occur is that of weight. When the debris in the guttering gets wet, it will absorb the rain water and become considerably heavier. Such a burden can put considerable stress on your guttering and their hanging brackets, pulling the gutters off the house. Falling gutters themselves are expensive, but if they should damage windows or lights as they come down, then you have an extremely costly accident on your hands.

Your home could be further damaged by overflowing water, which can damage the paintwork and leave unpleasant marks down the side of the wall. In winter months, blocked water can freeze, which can cause damage when pushing up against the roof structure. All in all, a blocked gutter can be a real nightmare.

Gutter Clearing from Anglia Drain Doctor

Anglia Drain Doctor have recently added gutter clearing to our service offering, meaning that we can help businesses and homeowners prepare for winter, clearing those hard to reach areas. We use specialist equipment that allows us to clear high guttering without even thinking about a ladder. Our skilled technicians can clear the highest areas with ease, in a short amount of time, all while filming the work, so you can see exactly what was blocking your gutters in the first place.

We recently cleared gutters in Ipswich town centre, you can see our work right here.

There really is no reason to simply leave your gutters to get worse than they are, doing so could be considerably more costly than it is to sort them now.

If you need help clearing your drains, then get in touch with the Anglia Drain Doctor team today. You can call us on 0800 056 0088 or use our contact form to book your gutter clearance today.

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