How to Make Your Own Reed Diffuser


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Do you love your home to smell delicious at all times? Do you hate the smell of crummy old air fresheners? If you’re a fan of reed fragrance diffusers you’ll know how lovely they smell and how pricey they can be.

Fortunately, Anglia Drain Doctor can do more than fix Blocked Drains in Chelmsford, we can also show you how to make your very own reed diffuser, enjoy a beautifully scented home and save a packet in the process. Time to roll up your sleeves and crack on with our tutorial!



To make your own diffuser you will need:

  • – A glass receptacle with a narrow opening (your local charity shops are a good bet for this)
  • – Bamboo skewers (try a hardware store or the BBQ section in larger supermarkets)
  • – A carrier oil (coconut oil and almond oil are a good choice)
  • – The essential oils of your choice (choose just one scent or mix and match your own unique fragrance)



Now it’s time to put all of your ingredients together to create a yummily scented diffuser…

  1. – Mix your carrier oil and your essential oils together in the glass container. Use a funnel to make sure you don’t end up with any tricky oil stains on your clothes or furniture. About 200ml of carrier oil will need 20-25 drops of essential oils.
  2. – Pop your sticks into the oil in your container. It will take some time for the oil to soak up the bamboo and start diffusing. You can speed this up by turning the skewers around every few hours – again taking care not to drip oil. 
  3. – Once your diffuser is happily diffusing, simply flip the sticks every few days for a fresh burst of fragrance. Simple!


Choosing your scent

The essential oils you choose are totally up to you. Either stick with a simple, single fragrance (rose and sandalwood on their own smell scrummy, for instance) or mix and match different scents to create a unique aroma for your home! Why not try…

  • – Orange blossom & peppermint – for a fresh and vibrant scent
  • – Rose & patchouli – for a complex sweet scent with an exotic flavor
  • – Geranium & vetiver – for a heady, floral fragrance with herbal notes
  • – Nutmeg & ginger – for a warm, spiced scent
  • – Pine & lavender – for a relaxing, clean and natural aroma


Which essential oil blends are your favorites Do you have any great money saving ideas for your home? Share your picks and your creations with our readers below. 

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