Buying a New House? A CCTV Drain Survey Could Save You £1,000s

Drain survey for homebuyers

When you’ve found your dream home, it’s only too easy to excitedly sign on the dotted line without doing your homework first. Locating your perfect spot is enough to make most home buyers go a bit giddy – it’s a little like falling in love at first sight – but what character flaws are lurking beneath the surface of your new beau?

The Devil’s in the Detail

Getting carried away and failing to rigorously investigate every aspect of your new home can leave buyers seriously out of pocket once those hidden issues eventually surface. By this time, however, it’s usually too late. Documents have been signed and all the issues you have inherited are yours to deal with – and pay for!

Property surveying will reveal anything major at a surface level, but these types of survey rarely go into great depth. More thorough checks, known as full building surveys (a step up from the usual homebuyer’s report) will go into slightly more detail, but still won’t always uncover underlying issues which aren’t immediately apparent.

Instead, specialist services are required to really gain insight into what’s going on with your potential new property, especially when it comes to your drainage.

Avoiding Drainage Pain

Easy to overlook and tough to investigate if you’re only using a standard building survey, issues with your drainage can turn out to be very expensive in the long run. From trouble with tree roots, cracks and subsidence, to clogs comprised of fat, oil and grease, faulty drains could knock a decent amount off of your purchase price, or you could insist the current owner fixes the issue before you complete the sale.

Whichever survey you decide upon, conducting a full CCTV drain survey will give you the information you need to avoid expensive problems with a new property. Our expert team record drain surveys, providing you with a video at the end of the process, which you can then use as evidence of an underlying problem that requires addressing.

Don’t buy into damaged drains when you buy a new property. Contact Anglia Drain Doctor today to arrange an expert CCTV drain survey. Contact us now on: 0800 70 71 72.

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