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Accidents and incidents happen, and sometimes it is necessary to get insurance companies involved. There is always a lot more to do than just paperwork, so having to speak to them and fill out forms is one thing that you could do without after a burst pipe or a flooded sewer.

Drain Doctor can help. Our staff are trained and experienced in dealing with insurance claims, loss adjusters and brokers. Once you have completed a simple consent form, we are happy to speak to any or all of them on your behalf. We will explain the circumstances of the incident, what our findings are and what is needed to resolve the situation. We can then come to an agreement about them meeting your claim so we can repair and reinstate as quickly as possible.

This also means that the repairs are fully authorised in advance. So there should be no difficulty in processing the claim once we have sorted out your plumbing, drains or other problems. So you can step back a little, safe in the knowledge that the work will be done promptly, efficiently and to the highest possible standard, as well as being fully guaranteed.

Insurance claims can be a headache, but it doesn’t have to be yours. Let Drain Doctor do it for you.

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