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Pre-Purchase Drain Surveys From Anglia Drain Doctor

When buying a home, it’s wise to ensure everything is in good condition before you sign on the dotted line. An unidentified problem with the drains could potentially cost thousands of pounds to fix. Conducting a pre-purchase drain survey can help to ensure any problems are identified and reflected in your offer.

What is a pre-purchase drain survey?

A pre-purchase drain survey, also known as a home buyers drain survey, involves a small closed-circuit camera being inserted into the drainage system to search for any damage, blockages or other issues that could not be identified by a visual inspection. Plumbing surveys, roof inspections and electrical testing are all commonplace, but increasingly, mortgage providers are asking buyers to perform this type of survey before they agree to release the funds.

What does a pre-purchase drain survey involve?

The survey can be performed quickly, with a small closed-circuit camera being placed down the drain and pulled through the pipes. The video is relayed to our engineers who are able to identify the position of any blockages, cracks, fractures, tree root intrusion or other damage that has been done to the pipes.

One advantage of this type of survey is that it allows any issues to be pinpointed. That means a specific area of the drain can be targeted without having to go through a large amount of expensive exploratory work. If an issue does need to be resolved, it can usually be fixed there and then. The process is also relatively non-invasive, so there’s very little chance of any damage being done while the survey takes place.

What problems could a survey uncover?

A common issue a home buyers drain survey identifies is blockages caused by soap, scum, hair and food residues, which are often very simple to resolve. However, it can also identify more serious defects such as cracks in pipes, joint deformations and tree root ingress that can cause water loss near the property’s foundations and cause structural damage to the drainage system itself.  

Problems that are often uncovered include:

  • Collapsed drains
  • Root ingress
  • Pipe scale
  • Cracked or broken drains
  • Displaced joints
  • Improper installation
  • Fractured gullies
  • Subsidence

How can we help?

A CCTV drain survey is proven to be the most cost-effective way of not only identifying the source of a problem but also making the repair in the quickest possible time. With every pre-purchase drain survey we carry out, we provide a written drain report that identifies and grades the faults. The report will also include our recommendations along with an itemised quotation so you can make a more informed offer or re-negotiate an existing offer based on our findings.

To arrange your pre-purchase drain survey, please get in touch with our team today.

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