Pre-Tenancy Drain Clean and Inspection

As a landlord, you’ll want to avoid disputes with your tenants wherever possible. For that reason, it’s worth being aware of your obligations when it comes to the maintenance of your property’s plumbing and drainage system, as outlined in Section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985. Taking care of your pipes and drains is also just good practice, ensuring tenants have the reassurance of living in a safe, well-maintained property.  

Ultimately, you have a responsibility to maintain and repair a property’s sewers, drains, waste pipes, guttering and rainwater pipes, unless a tenant blocks or damages them through misuse, in which case they’ll be responsible for fixing the problem. However, if a blockage or damage does occur, how can you reach an agreement on who foots the repair bill?

At Anglia Drain Doctor, we offer a Pre-Tenancy Drain Clean and Inspection service, which is designed to prevent disputes between landlords and tenants. Prior to a new tenant moving into a property, we can attend and clean all of the accessible drains by high-pressure water-jetting, ensuring there is no scale or detritus in the pipework. The drains will also be inspected with a CCTV drain camera, with a date and time-stamped recording provided. If no structural faults are identified within the pipework – e.g. roots, cracks, displaced joints – any blockages that occur subsequently will be the responsibility of the tenant.

As well as providing peace of mind to landlords, this service is also a good way of demonstrating your duty of care to tenants. To book a Pre-Tenancy Drain Clean and Inspection for your rented property, or if you’d like to find out more, please get in touch today.

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