Three Signs Your Septic Tank Requires Immediate Attention

Here at Anglian Drain Doctor, we are expertly trained in the safe fitting & servicing for sewage treatment and septic tanks. For those who don’t have their waste water connected to the mains a septic tank can be a real crucial tool – because everyone’s waste needs to go somewhere! But for those who are less experienced with dealing with Septic Tanks there are some simple steps to help understand when you need to take action, if you see any of the following signs get in touch right away.

1: Slow-draining plumbing?

We dislike being bearers of bad news but if you’re experiencing slow draining plumbing in your property, then it’s likely time for your septic tank to be emptied by specialists. We can’t stress enough how important it is to act fast when you see this early sign, as you will be sure to minimise damage and cost incurred.

2: Puddles of water appearing above ground in places where they shouldn’t?

Your lawn for example? Then this is another telltale sign that your septic tank is overflowing and requires servicing immediately. Having fully functioning septic tank means water should only be pooling underground – ‘Out of sight…’

3: Sewage Backup?

Emptying your septic tank, is a task all property owners will need to organise at some point. Some more than others. One of the worst ways of discovering your septic tank needs a seeing to, is when sewage begins backing up out of plug holes and toilets. As you can imagine, it’s an unpleasant issue to have to live with, but it if you act quickly and call in an expert, the sooner it is dealt with the sooner the mess will be resolved and can become a thing of the past.

What Can You Do to Fix it?

We wouldn’t recommend you deal with any suspected issues with a septic tank yourself. Many associated issues are require specialist equipment and could lead to damage to the environment or yourself. You may need to use high pressure jetting to remove clogging, and partaking in more extensive repairs to existing septic tanks, including replacement of access covers and associated drains.  At Drain Doctor we specialise in repairs and maintenance of such systems and we also design and install new septic tank systems, including carrying out percolation tests for the leach field.

So if you’re a domestic or commercial, based in and around Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk or Cambridgeshire, call Drain Doctor and we’ll send one of our experts out to get you back on track.

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