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Given the rural nature of the area we cover, many homes and businesses are not connected to mains drainage and instead have private drainage systems including septic tanks, soakaways, sewage treatment plants and cess pools. Over the years Drain Doctor have built a strong reputation for providing quality solutions to “off mains” drainage problems and regularly repair existing and install new systems across East Anglia.

Sewage Treatment Plants Installation

Sewage Treatment Plants are the next step up from a single septic tank that can serve one or possibly a few properties. The installation of a treatment plant provides a long-term solution to many drainage disposal problems, especially where access to mains drainage is not possible and a septic tank will not meet the requirements.

The type of plant installed will depend on the amount of material to be processed. Some are one stage plants, suitable for a single home, that require no electricity and use coco fibre to filter the waste. They need to be emptied perhaps every three years.

Other systems, suitable for more than one house, using around 10 p of electricity per day, operate fault free for years and have a very low/zero footprint.

For even larger requirements – up to 250 people, such as a golf club or caravan park, a submerged aerated media system can be installed. These need emptying only every 18 months and require almost no maintenance.

A sewage treatment plant uses natural biological aerobic action to treat the sewage. The solids are retained and pumped out periodically, and the water is made 97% pure. With permissions and licences, this can be discharged into a nearby watercourse or ditch. If this is not viable it can be put into a leach field or even pumped away by tanker if that is not possible.

Accredited Vortex Suppliers & Installers

We are the accredited East Anglian installers of the “Vortex” package sewage treatment plants which have class leading effluent quality combined with low running costs. These superb plants are British Standards approved and comply with Environment Agency standards and regulations

Alternatively, we can often repair existing septic tanks and clear blockages in or install new soakaways.

If you are moving home and need advice about the existing drainage system or if you have problems with your existing system please call us for advice.

Septic Tanks

We offer a number of services in relation to the cleaning and maintenance, to ensure smooth and efficient drainage. Find out more about our Septic Tank services.

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