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Cesspits, or cesspools, are pits, conservancy tanks, or covered cisterns which can be used to dispose of sewage and refuse.  Traditionally, it was a deep cylindrical chamber dug into the earth, approximately 1 metre in diameter and 2–3 metres depth. Their appearance is similar to a hand-dug water well. Modern cess pits are more highly engineered so that there is no chance that any foul material will escape to pollute the environment. Because they do not process the waste in the same way as a septic tank they need emptying more often. There are circumstances where a cess pit is the only solution to drainage problems, and often older pits will be allowed to run to the end of their useful life before being replaced with modern septic tank systems.

So if you have a cesspit Drain Doctor have the facilities to empty it for you, either when it is full or, if you prefer, on a planned and scheduled basis. Cesspit pipes are more prone to clogging, so Drain Doctor advises that when your pit is emptied you should have the pipes cleared with our high pressure water jetting service to ensure free flow.

If you have a property which is not on “mains drainage” and need some help with your cesspits, you know who to call.

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