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Government policy calls for mains water consumption to be reduced wherever possible. It requires the substitution of “non-wholesome” water (such as harvested rainfall) for uses such as flushing toilets, washing clothes and the outside tap.

To meet this need, the building industry has updated the traditional water butt. It is now a modern and highly reliable system that automatically cleans, stores and provides aesthetically pleasing (but not “wholesome”) water on demand.

It does this by collecting the water that falls on the roofs of homes, public and commercial buildings and open areas such as car parks. Using the latest engineering, it stores, purifies and distributes the rainwater to all non-potable applications both inside and outside the building. To ensure the water is never close to depletion within the system, the supply is maintained by automatically switching to the mains water.

UK Water Supplies are Under Stress

UK water supplies are under stress due to increasing individual consumption, changes to weather patterns and population growth. Some areas of East Anglia now get less rainfall per head than parts of Mediterranean or North Africa.

By recycling your rainwater, a rainwater harvesting system can help you save up to 50% of your metered water costs, so the sooner you fit a rainwater harvesting system the sooner you start saving.

Rainwater Harvesting with Drain Doctor

At Drain Doctor we use the Home Harvest and Garden Harvest rainwater systems to make it easy for you to gather and reuse rainwater. We will be happy to visit you to discuss the best and most cost effective system for your property, be it a small bungalow, a riding stables or a large factory unit. Contact Drain Doctor today.

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