Spring Drainage Issues: Tree Roots & Blockages

Spring drain

Whether they’re producing a nasty smell, an unhealthy noise or simply not draining like they used to, your drains are most likely in need of some care and attention.

It’s easy to overlook drain issues, hoping they’ll eventually resolve themselves, or assuming they’re not “that bad”. But leaving drain problems untreated can result in serious damage over the long term, which can prove more expensive and difficult to resolve than issues tackled when they first arise.

If you have concerns about your drains, Spring is a good time to investigate and resolve them. It’s also a time of year when fresh drain problems can emerge. This blog will run you through some common springtime problems and explain how to resolve them.

The Root of the Problem

Roots are one of the biggest potential hazards for drains, particularly in the Spring, as the weather heats up and plant life undergoes a growth spurt. When roots grow into pipes it can cause damage to your drainage and cause blockages, which typically result in unpleasant smells and drain malfunctions.

Catch the problem early and it can be fixed with relative ease through a technique known as drain lining. If roots are given more time to grow and invade the pipe, the problem becomes much more labour intensive to fix and may require significant excavation to solve.

Warmer Weather, Nastier Niffs

To compound the problem of springtime root growth, with the weather warming up, any blockages which do occur can become much nastier far more quickly – as the rising temperatures cause them to smell worse, sooner. If you notice that your drains have an unpleasant smell, investigating and resolving the issue as soon as possible is essential to prevent the issue worsening.

A Springtime Solution

CCTV drain surveys are one of the best ways to detect blockages and leaks (caused by roots and other issues) quickly and cost-effectively. By using a CCTV camera inserted into your drain, the Anglia Drain Doctor specialists can easily identify drain problems, locating the issue with precision. This makes undertaking repairs using techniques like drain clearance, drain lining and high pressure jetting much easier.

Are you concerned about the condition of your drains this Spring? Serving Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire, the Anglia Drain Doctor team are here to help, with no call out fees and special online discounts available. To find out more about everything from CCTV drain surveys, to expert drain repairs, get in touch with our helpful team today on 0800 056 0088.

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