25 Street Art Creations Going Down the Drain

  • Down the Drain

    Down the Drain

    Image source

    Sometimes it really does feel like the whole world is going down the drain. Street artist Pejac from Santander in Spain knows the feeling...

  • Smoking Kills

    Smoking Kills

    Image source

    A street artist from Brazil cleverly uses the street furniture around this drain to make his creation cough and splutter.

  • Pacman


    Image source

    Simple but very awesome. Pacman turns up on a drain cover in G�ttingen, Germany and his ghosty enemies are nowhere to be seen.

  • Sewer Skeleton

    Sewer Skeleton

    Image source

    If you've never looked at a drain and pictured a skeletal ribcage then you've missed a trick, just look at this!

  • There's Wally

    There's Wally

    Image source

    Worried about where Where's Wally has gotten to? Well you should be, French artist Oak Oak has thrown him down the drain.

  • Watch it

    Watch it

    Image source

    You'd better watch yourself as you walk across this pedestrian crossing in Brazil. The clock's ticking.

  • Toasted


    Image source

    You know those days when it's so hot outside it feels like you could fry an egg on the pavement? Well now you can serve it with toast.

  • Oreo


    Image source

    We never thought a drain cover would make us feel hungry, but now we really fancy something chocolately and creamy...

  • Mirage


    Image source

    Incredible chalk artist Julian Beever created this astounding, mind-bending optical illusion in the middle of a busy street.

  • Say Cheese

    Say Cheese

    Image source

    This cute camera is one of Brazil's many pieces of legal street art, allowed by the government to brighten up Brazilian streets. Neat!

  • VCR


    Image source

    ...And here's another piece of legal Brazilian pavement art - a TV/VCR painted onto a drain.

  • Helping Hand

    Helping Hand

    Image source

    Here's a drain cover in the middle of a busy market getting a bit of a helping hand.

  • What Lies Beneath

    What Lies Beneath

    Image source

    Could there be a mutant subterranean world right beneath our feet? You never know...

  • Wake Up & Smell the Coffee

    Wake Up & Smell the Coffee

    Image source

    These creative drain covers are advertisements for Folger's coffee complete with hot coffee (sewer) steam!

  • Time Vortex

    Time Vortex

    Image source

    Oh no! These cute little Skelewag characters are trapped in a time vortex to another dimension!

  • Giant Squid

    Giant Squid

    Image source

    This giant squid is just hanging out on a storm drain in Baltimore, created by 901 Arts.

  • Pizza Mutants

    Pizza Mutants

    Image source

    The mutants in the sewers are real and they're venturing to the surface in search of brains...and pizza!

  • Superman!


    Image source

    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's Superman! And he's bursting out of a drain.

  • Village Window

    Village Window

    Image source

    An idyllic, provincial shuttered window, complete with washing line makes for a very pretty drain.

  • The Water Park

    The Water Park

    Image source

    This minute water park was created by British artist Slinkachu and even includes tiny speakers beneath the grate which play the sound of splashing water and children laughing.

  • Gators in the Sewers

    Gators in the Sewers

    Image source

    The rumours are true. There really are 'gators in the sewers and they're probably coming to get you!

  • Trapped!


    Image source

    This poor girl has become permanently trapped in the sewers of Tallinn, all thanks to artist Raul Keller.

  • Cosy Drainpipes

    Cosy Drainpipes

    Image source

    This snuggly knitted take on street art has made sure that this property's drain pips are nice, warm and cosy.

  • Mario


    Image source

    Hey look! It's a mosaic Mario, popping out of a drain on his way to save Princess Peach! Good luck, little guy!

  • Thirsty Work

    Thirsty Work

    Image source

    This thirsty woman created by artist Mentalgassi in Berlin is using a clever drainpipe straw to quench her thirst.

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