Summer Water-Saving Tips

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If you’ve found yourself rolling out of bed and wondering if you’ve woken up in the mediterranean of late, you’re not alone. Britain is witnessing record temperatures this summer and the heatwave looks set to continue.

While all this extra sunshine feels like good news for us, it’s not such good news elsewhere, with the dry weather leading to devastating wildfires in parts of the UK. With no rain on the horizon, hosepipe bans are starting to come into effect and homeowners are being urged to start saving water wherever possible.

If you’re worried about the drought and would like to save water – or you just want to be a little more environment-conscious (and keep those bills down!) – here are our top water saving tips for the summer.

Install a water-saving showerhead

Eco shower heads are cleverly designed to switch your shower’s regular flow rate from 15 litres per minute to just seven litres per minute, saving you both water and money.

Buy smart

Nowadays, many household appliances and white goods come with water efficiency labelling. Keep an eye out for these as well as for the Waterwise Recommended sticker to help you make the most eco-friendly purchases.

Only boil what you need

Let’s face it: as a Brit, you’re still going to be drinking tea no matter how roasting it is outside. However, the next time you put the kettle on, pay attention to how much you fill it. Water left in a kettle can go stale or get filled with limescale, only to be poured out later. Filling the kettle with just the amount of water you need will save you from waste, as well as keeping the bills down by using gas or electricity more efficiently.

Put down the pressure washer

Any high-pressure water outlet is going to use up gallons more water than a regular outlet and this is definitely true for pressure washers. Unless you’ve got a water-saving version, steer clear during dry weather.

Reuse and recycle

If you’re in a hosepipe ban area and your garden is looking a little sorry for itself, why not collect water in your bathroom and reuse it? Old bathwater or water collected in a bucket in the bottom of the shower can be used to perk up plants in a drought.



Fix that leak

While a dripping tap might not seem to let out much water, the wastage can really build up over time. Fix any leaking taps or pipes around the house to conserve as much water as possible.

Make the most of the fridge

Staying hydrated is vital in summer and, on hot days, there’s nothing we want more than a cold glass of water. However running the tap until it gets cold can waste a lot of water; instead, fill a glass and pop it in the fridge to cool down.

Be bath aware

Baths use up to 80 litres of water a time, where the average shower only uses around 62. If you’re feeling hot and sweaty and you do want a bath, remember that filling it up just one inch less than you normally would can save up to five litres. Ditto for taking a slightly shorter shower.

Hit the car wash

Summer can wreak havoc when it comes to covering our vehicles with dust, but car cleaning isn’t always an option during a hosepipe ban. Even if you’re not currently experiencing a ban, heading to the car wash is a much better option as they recycle their water.

For more advice on water saving this summer, get in touch with Anglia Drain Doctor now. We’d also love to hear your water-saving tips, so go ahead and post them on our Facebook page or email us.


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