These Things Found by CCTV Drain Surveys Could Block Your Drains

What's found down your drain?

There is nothing worse than blocked drains. The problems that these can cause can be catastrophic, with badly functioning plumbing and lets be honest, some fairly dreadful smells. Luckily, some clever person invented the CCTV drain survey, helping us to find those annoying blockages.

And you won’t believe what could be blocking your drains.

Children’s Toys

Surprisingly commonly found in bathtub and toilet drains are children’s toys of all shapes and sizes. How they found their way into the drains is probably a very interesting story.

Baby Wipes and Products

Baby wipes and other products are not as disposable as you might expect, and are a very common cause of drain blockages, which can cause you some serious disruption.

A Lot of Hair

A seriously large amount of hair finds its way into the drains, which does seem a little surprising given how little we individually put down the plug hole.


It beggars belief that people would put clothes down the toilet with such widespread access to charity shops and clothing banks…or even the bin. Underwear, socks, jeans and even bedspreads have been known to cause blockages. 

Electronic Devices

Losing a mobile phone or an iPod or even a tablet down the toilet is a worst nightmare for many and with good reason. Hundreds of expensive devices are found in drains every year.

Animals and Pets

As our drain rescues blog highlighted, our pets have an annoying tendency to find themselves in deep water (literally), and often a CCTV camera is the only way to find out where they are.

False Teeth

In 2011, a sewage treatment company from Shrewsbury ran a campaign aiming to return several pairs of false teeth with their estranged owners. Personally, we’re not sure we’d want them back.

To discuss any of your blocked drain needs, get in touch with the Anglia Drain Doctor team today.

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