CCTV Footage – Collapsed Drain

Collapsed drains are often found in older constructions but can also be a headache for the more modern and contemporary homes.

Of course with any home there will be pipes and draining systems that have been there for a number of years.  General wear and tear is not uncommon. This is a problem often found in older homes and can be quite frustrating for homeowners. Once the draining pipe collapses the only solution is to locate the collapsed section and have it completely replaced.

Root damage can easily cause pipes to collapse if not dealt with correctly. When trees grow near the drainage system, the roots will often grow into the drains and cause them to break or crack. If this is left for a long period of time it will eventually cause the drain to collapse.

A lot of people move house during the summer months. However, not many have a survey done of the drainage system unless there is an obvious problem. For peace of mind we would recommend a full CCTV survey of all the accessible drains at the property to ensure there are not unwanted surprises.

Another common cause of collapsed drains is the freezing and melting of pipes.  More likely to occur in the winter months this cycle of freezing and melting can cause underground pipelines to saw and result in a complete collapse further down the line.

Fixing a collapsed drain requires expertise, special skills and tools. At Anglia Drain Doctor, we conduct CCTV surveys to let our technicians see exactly what is happening under the ground without having to dig up the pipes.

The video below examines a collapsed drain.

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