Whose Drain is it Anyway?

Drain and sewer responsibility

Has a drain or sewer close to your home become faulty? If you’re experiencing problems, you may be struggling to figure out who is responsible for maintenance and repairs. But never fear, we’ve created a helpful guide to who is responsible for what, and how to find out more about the companies which own the drains and sewers that supply your home.

What Am I Responsible For?

You are responsible for any drains within the boundaries of your property. Should something go wrong with a drain within your property boundary, the issue is something you will need to fund and fix personally. If you are not entirely sure where the boundaries of your property lie, you can find out by ordering a copy of your property’s title plan here.

What Am I NOT Responsible For?

Drains which are outside of your boundaries may be the responsibility of neighbours or your water company. You can find out which water companies serve which area by taking a look at this map from Ofwat – or click here for more information.

OFWAT water pipes map

You are also not responsible for lateral drains. Lateral drains are found outside property boundaries and are used to carry waste water away from your property. The party responsible for these lateral drains may or may not be different from your water company – sometimes responsibility for lateral drains falls to your local sewerage service.

Your water company should also be able to advise who your waste water removal company is. This company will also be responsible for any issues with sewers.

Private or Unadopted Sewers

In some cases, however, lateral drains and sewers may be owned privately or may be unadopted. This means that either the sewerage system in your area is owned privately by residents or has not been claimed by a water company. In these cases, you will likely be responsible for repairs.

If the sewer or lateral drain serves only your home, you will need to shoulder the burden. If the system serves other properties, the owners of the properties will be equally responsible for repairs and maintenance. If you suspect a sewer is private but need more information, you may want to:

– Look at the deeds to your property
– Request a sewer map from your water provider:

Anglian Water
– South West Water
– Southern Water
– Severn Trent Water

– Ask your local authority
– Ask your local sewerage company

Have you discovered an issue with the drains within your property boundary? Drain Doctor can help. From running CCTV drain surveys which identify problems quickly and non-invasively, to expert drain repairs and maintenance, our drain experts across Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire are ready to help make your drains less of a pain.

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