Will the East of England Face a Hosepipe Ban in 2017?

Hosepipe ban in the East

With summer in full swing there are few things nicer than filling up the paddling pool for the kids on a hot summer day, or the hissing of sprinklers hydrating lawns as the evening draws in. But with water wastage an increasing concern for local authorities, could the East of England be forced to turn off its taps, let its lawns wilt and settle in for another hosepipe ban in 2017?

A Dry Winter

Right now, some signs point to “yes”. The cold, wet and grey Great British winter may not put you in mind of a drought, but winter 2016-17 was the driest in the UK for 20 years.

Yet, despite an unusually dry winter, the Environment Agency claim that there are currently no water supply issues which could trigger a hosepipe ban.

Double Droughts

This may be thanks to the wetter winter of 2015-16. Although a dry winter was to blame for the 2012 hosepipe ban, this was the result of the UK experiencing two consecutive dry winters.

Right now, although the Environment Agency has noted that some rivers and reservoirs are below average levels for this time of year, they do not anticipate supply issues.

Whether or not a hosepipe ban will be enforced over the summer of 2017, saving water and using it responsibly should always be a priority.

An incredibly valuable resource which we’re all guilty of taking for granted, conserving water and using it considerately is the environmentally responsible thing to do – all year round.

If you’d like to get smarter about water usage, we’ve shared a few tips from our recent water-saving blog and here are a few more from Drain Doctor Chester & North Wales

1. Use a watering can to keep plants hydrated, hoses have less directed spray and less accuracy – this will also prevent you from accidentally overwatering your plants.

2. Install a water butt to take advantage of natural rainfall, then use the water you collect to water your garden and give your pets a bath!

3. Keep a jug of water in your fridge so you always have access to a cold drink, running the tap until it gets pleasantly cold is surprisingly wasteful

4. Install a water meter to help you keep track of how much water you are using, then challenge your household to cut your usage each month – you could even save money if you’re really savvy!

5. Fill your bath to one inch less than its usual depth. Just one inch less water could save five litres every time you indulge in a soak.

From rainwater harvesting, to fixing leaking drains, Anglia Drain Doctor offers an array of services which could help you save water. Explore our expert services online or contact us today on: 0800 70 71 72.

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